Github is used by numerous developers every day. It’s a great site with an incredible number of open source projects available. I love to “star” aka favorite repositories that I find on Github that I can look back to later especially when I likely don’t have time in the moment to dive into the fine details of a project.

Github starred repositories

I have over 600 starred repositories captured over the span of several years. It’s almost impossible to remember a repository that I found interesting several days ago never mind several years ago. Somewhat paradoxically Github offers no way to search your starred repositories using a keyword or other filtering criteria.

Searching starred repositories

I decided to build a small web app to solve this problem allowing searching of my starred Github repositories.

Github does offer a full API to analyze information stored in your profile and certainly starred repositories is part of that offering. After reviewing the API I put together the Node implementation.

Filtering of the results is fairly simple. For now you can only search repositories title and description for a keyword. The search is case insensitive.

Some examples

You can access the web app and try it out here…

If you want to filter the results add a “q” parameter on the query string like this…

Some example scenarios…