A bunch of interesting articles I ran into over the past week related to Unreal. Enjoy!

Setting up an Unreal Engine Studio the Epic Way | Tutorial | Ari Arnbjörnsson

Another sneaky undocumented feature I have made for UE 5.4 is searching shortcuts by their bound keys (with the KeyBinding=“Escape” format), so if you know you wanna rebind “Escape”, but don’t know how the action is named, now you can find it! | Kristóf Morva

UE comes with all sorts of functions to suggest a projectile’s velocity. This can be used to create an aim-assist reticle of some kind | Ghislain Girardot

An old ik test for Emmet the Truck Driver | Ryan Corniel

TIL geometry scripting can very easily bake all sorts of maps, including bent normal! (average unblocked direction, useful for lighting tricks) I feel like they are not very popular because very few softwares can bake them out of the box | Ghislain Girardot