I speak with enough people over time who ask about how to get started with Unreal Engine I figure I would get started . It’s a huge platform so it’s understandable folks would get overwhelmed with the best place to start.

I plan to evolve this over time but wanted to get initial ideas and hopefully start to provide value for folks.

1. Overview

  • Focus your vertical of interest. Unreal covers a vast array of capabilities but there are general verticals
    1. Games
    2. Virtual Production
    3. Architecture

2. What’s your role?

Consider your role

  • Programmer
  • Artist (Environment Artist)
  • Animator

The best way to experience and develop your skills are to create something. Anything. Unreal Engine is not always the easiest to approach as a tool and to create things.

3. Create something

Finding Work

Q. What if I am in another industry and want to get into games?

A. Consider doing a decompilation of your favourite game focused on your area of discipline. If you’re favourite game is Baldurs Gate 3 and you’re area of discipline is UI what are areas of the game you feel could’ve been improved in UI? Make this part of your job application but… limit the scope also. People in general don’t really read resumes.


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